• Fieldsheer Highland 2 Jacket and Pants

    Fieldsheer Highland 2 Jacket & Pant Review

    I ordered this jacket from Brockton Cycles for $75, it was on closeout and only the smaller sizes are left. Not a bad price, considering normally this sells for $200. I already own a pair of the Highland pants, so rather than springing for a full 1 pc suit, I chose the jacket instead.

    Out of the box, this jacket is 3/4 length, what some would call a touring jacket. Since it will be a winter use jacket the extra length helps keep the heat in around the waist. On the outside, the Highland 2 is made of 500 denier ballistic nylon, same as their pants. This will be good not only in keeping out the wind/rain, but also for abrasion protection. Style and safety hasn't been neglected however. The jacket features many contrasting and reflective trim pieces, around the shoulders, waist, and forearms. This makes the jacket very visible when lit by headlights. There are plenty of pockets, including one in the lower back that seems to just fit a pair of gloves, an inside wallet pocket, and a couple of cargo pockets in front. There are two small pockets in the chest for keys or cell phones. Adjustment comes in the form of a velcro belt in the waist, plus straps on the bicep and forearm of each sleeve. To keep the wind and rain from seeping through, there is a full length zipper backed up with a storm flap, velcro, and snap buttons.

    Inside the Highland 2 is lined with comfortable polyester, plus an additional zip-in quilted liner for the cold weather. Like their pants, the jacket comes with hard CE armor in the elbows and shoulders, and a generous back protector wide enough to cover the shoulder blades.

    The length of the jacket also means it doesn't zip to their pants, so there isn't provision for a waist zipper. Depending on how you layer, this jacket would be ideal for riding in near freezing temperatures to the mid 60s. It would be a bit warm above that, since the only zip vents are on each side about mid way, nothing in the chest or front area. Impressions on the commute revealed one shortcoming, at least for me. The collar doesn't ride up high enough for a pencil necked geek like me, and for the size of jacket (SM) it seemed to leave a gap when I'm in a crouched riding position. This leads to wind spilling down the back of the neck, though I'm sure a scarf would fix the problem nicely.

    The Fieldsheer Highland Pant is built with the same quality and thought. It has a full length hip to cuff zipper covered with a velcro flap. The length of the zipper makes for an ideal overpant, so you can step in and out with boots on with ease. There is a large cargo pocket on each of the thighs, and reflective trim around the ankle area as well as logos on each knee. The knee armor is again, their hard CE armor. As well there is some foam padding stitched into the hip areas.

    Be sure to check the Fieldsheer sizing chart and call the store if you have questions about fit. For me the Highland jacket fit true to size, but I had to order the pants in one size up for the knee armor to fall in the right place.
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