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    Carhartt pants as riding gear? What does the popular work garment maker have to do with riding? If you look around the riding community, you'll find most of the major gear makers have a selection of riding jeans.

    Myself, I have had two pairs of Draggin Jeans and was recently looking to find another pair of fabric, non-leather, riding pants. After reading reviews on Canyonchasers.net, I went and picked up a pair of Carhartt "logger" denims. Upon inspection these are made from the same heavyweight 15oz weight denim as the Draggin Jeans. The cut is relaxed, which means comfort while sitting on the bike. The pant leg openings are generous enough to pull over a pair of riding boots. There are roomy pockets front and back, as well as a couple of small tool pockets on the thigh; remember these are work jeans so have things like a hammer loop etc.

    The logger denims have the double fronts; an extra layer of fabric running from the hip joint to just below the knee. These are on the front only, like a pair of chaps. The double fronts also have a "cleanout opening" at the bottom of the double layer. This opening is good for sliding some padded foam armor up there for protection. In the seat, the double oversize rear pockets offer some protection, but no other features lend themselves to bike use.

    Carhartts also come in a 12oz duck denim version, in several colors. I picked up a black pair and a mossy green pair. Unlike the jeans these are NOT preshrunk so they fit way longer than on the label. However a cycle through the washing machine and it fit like a glove.

    I wore my Carhartts to the reunion at the Ranch, this past weeked. While they are no march for true leathers and ballistic nylon pants, they are in my estimation, a great pair of riding apparel.

    I bought the contractors knee padding, basically closed cell foam, and inserted them into the pants.

    On the bike these pants are comfortable due to their relaxed cut, the pockets are roomy so you can carry keys, wallets, and phones without having to carry additional packs or take up space in your tank bag. The best feature of Carhartts is that you get that riding jean protection at a fraction of the cost. I was able to buy 3 pairs of Carhartts for what a premium riding jean would've cost.
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