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  1. Here I go

    Very early this year - I called the local MS course administrator to ask when the course would be this year - (I am NEW NEW NEW ). After a couple of Q&As she said something along the lines of 'So Im wanting to video tape the classroom portion of this, if you agree to be one of the students for the video - Ill pay for your course'

    Um. YA!

    So, in April of this year I expect to be doing just that.

    In the meantime, I have taken the sample knowledge ...
  2. My first motocamping trip

    Earlier in 2016, I purchased my goldwing, and my Time Out motorcycle camper. I spent a fair amount of time cleaning the camper, rewiring the trailer, and getting the tent repaired so this past weekend it was time to take her for her first run under my ownership! So prepped to go, we depart headed for Plymouth IN to crash at a Holiday Inn Express for the night. Sounds dumb I know, but it was just way to get a few hours north after working hours.

    Here's the SS Goldwing ready to depart; ...
  3. My Goldwing Adventure....2016

    I've been thinking for awhile that I'd like to have a goldwing. 9 years of funeral escorts has turned me on to the raw reliability of these machines. So, about 2 weeks ago I started really looking seriously for one. I started looking at a 93 1500 just south of Indy. I took a look, I assume it ran well, what wing doesnt? The battery was shot, and he couldnt start it at the moment I looked at it, but it was rough. Many years of lackadaisical use, cracks on almost all of the lenses, and not much in ...

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  4. Suspension

    This is taken from my personal blog.

    I thought it might resonate with someone here.



    Heretofore, I have refrained from mentioning that I own a motorcycle.

    In fact, I've often thought that I should be including the many lessons learned participating in the martial art, religious system and personal choice that is motorcycle ownership.

    Some people have children, some people have pets. Others kick ...
  5. One Season In!

    Total: 1652 Miles 70.16 Hours
    Total # Of Trips: 78
    Average Trip: 21.18 miles 54 Minutes
    Shortest Trip: 1.4 Miles 10.2 Minutes
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