1. One Season In!

    Total: 1652 Miles 70.16 Hours
    Total # Of Trips: 78
    Average Trip: 21.18 miles 54 Minutes
    Shortest Trip: 1.4 Miles 10.2 Minutes
  2. The Next 90 Miles (continued)

    The Next 90 Miles (continued)

    April 8. 6.5 miles, 43.1 miles total. Had to run errands, decided to take the motorcycle. Had to make quick shopping/bank stops then off to a clients site. Upon arriving I had to parallel park the bike on the street. A big open space is available, I pull right up and stop. The bikeís not quite in the position I want it to be so I attempt to move it. Of course the road is an incline. No problem! I can handle a start on a hill, after all, Iíve been ...
  3. The Next 90 Miles

    The Next 90 Miles

    Iím writing this in diary format as I progress through my next 90 miles. Each entry contains the more memorable or interesting details of the dayís ride(s). I try to make each ride a learning experience. It seems thereís always something to be learned, especially when your experience level is basically non-existent.

    March 28. 1.4 miles. After one of the most rotten winters I can remember having in a long time the bike came out of its winter ...
  4. 90 Miles Behind the Handlebars Or What Iíve Learned in Just 90 Miles MC Riding

    90 Miles Behind the Handlebars
    What Iíve Learned in Just 90 Miles of Motorcycle Riding

    As youíve probably gathered from the title of this article Iím in no position to be teaching anyone how to ride. Iím still really new to this riding thing but thought I would share a few observations that I made and lessons I learned in my whole 90 miles of riding experience. These things have definitely taught me a thing or two and I thought maybe they ...