1. Kawasaki Concours ZG1400

    Will this create a new blog, or go along with the original? Guess I'll find out.

    The farkling continues.

    Added risers. Raises the grip ~2', and brings them back ~.75". Makes for a more upright (and comfortable) riding position for me.

    Two RAM balls is probably excessive, but doesn't hurt to have them even if I don't need the second one. Not sure if I like the GPS here. Maybe ...
  2. Kawasaki Concours ZG1400

    Well, I thought I'd post something here so that my bike can exist.
    I'll try to keep it updated with the farkling process, not that it will take very long.

    The bike is the NEW! and IMPROVED! Kawasaki Concours. New model for 2008, and now improved for 2010. They made changes to the ergonomics and heat flow for 2010. Of course the biggest improvement is making it BLUE this year.

    We traded in both of our Yamaha cruisers on it, so we had a net motorcycle balance ...