1. More firsts

    Ok sure, I got a little wet on the way back from PRR, but I'd never ridden in anything like the brief deluge we got yesterday.
    [There were flash flood warnings around the small creek areas nearby, and we did have some brief flash flooding in the Fourmile burn area near Boulder.]

    Not complaining at all! We desperately need all the rain we can get up in these parts.

    Had stopped at the local bike shop for a new H4 bulb, thinking I'd juuust manage to stay ahead of ...

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  2. Another minor milestone

    - - -
    On the last tank of gas/Sunday night, I rolled over 3,000 miles since taking ownership of the Seca II.

    Today I hit/passed 32k miles on the odo on my way in to work.

    I started accumulating those miles on about Sep. 1st, so call it 23 weeks... carry the 42... yeah about 130 miles a week.
    [My average dipped a bit over the holidays... between travel and weather I was off the bike just over 3 weeks.]

    Anyway, just wanted to post it ...
  3. First weekend riding with my M

    Recap from my re-introduction post: took/passed the BRC on 8/27-8/28, got my temp M license the next Monday.

    I had a vacation day scheduled for Friday 9/2 but the plans fell through....

    What do you think I did?

    The really fun bit is that stretch of the Peak to Peak Highway running South from Estes Park, then the turn down Coal Creek Canyon. ...