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  1. SH@UN's Avatar
    Looks like loads of fun. And I thought I was doing it right with my small tent, pillow, and sleeping back strapped on my back seat.
  2. Derick's Avatar
    End of the goldwing adventure;

    Well the 2005 wing is gone. Hopefully soon forgotten. There was technically nothing wrong with it, but I just didnt care for the nit picky crap that I had issue with. It hadn't been stored properly, it had all that chrome crap that had to come off and there was some residual gunk from that nonsense. There were drill holes in the side pockets. Just minutia and it annoyed me. The other issue I had with the pre-06 wing was the too-common death knock. I cant remember exactly what the issue is but these small springs pop out of a spinning plate over time and creates an awful knock at idle. No issue at revs, but it requires the motor to be pulled to repair. A spendy repair.

    I looked on the goldwing boards and just in passing found an 06 wing with all sorts of good add ons, and the stuff I wanted, in showroom condition for about the same money as I could get selling the 05. Alright, that was a done deal. Ran up to chicago to check it out and left him a deposit to hold it for a week or two. Sold the 05 today, which was an adventure in itself.....and I'll head up to chicago on tuesday or wednesday. I'm just relieved that I have little worry about on that death knock on the 06+ model.
  3. kf4cln's Avatar
    Great read, thanks for the update .
  4. Derick's Avatar
    To do list:
    De-Chromify - DONE
    New Tires - DONE
    Fix/Paint dash panel - DONE
    Fix W bottom dash panel - Taken to local internal trim place to repair
    Fix right side fairing pocket that keeps popping open - DONE
    Replace side cover rubber grommets - DONE
    Replace cracked windshield vent - DONE
    Fix minor damages to seat - DONE
    Unstick electronic buttons - Mostly DONE, cruise is still a PITA
    Replace windshield vent (cracked) - DONE
    Polish paint to get rid of leftover adhesive residue not removed by googone - DONE
    Replace stereo speakers - FRONT DONE
    Order/install Zumo from amazon - DONE
    Get helmet lock knobs from DONE
    Sand/paint body plugs to match to top case lid - Purchased from - DONE
    Polish factory chrome bits
    Polish lenses to get off remaining gunk - DONE
    Wire in accessory block
    Rewire cig plug - REMOVED
    Fix paint blemishes with compound - DONE
    Polish bike - DONE
    Wax bike - DONE
    Updated 03-29-2016 at 10:26 PM by Derick
  5. crankshaft's Avatar
    Glad to hear things are getting back to norm. Good to hear from you again. Hope to see you sometime this summer.
  6. subvetSSN606's Avatar
    I'm thinking the Connie is a cat. They too have less than subtle ways of expressing their displeasure at being ignored (double standard as that may be).

    Good luck with the repairs.

    And we should get together again sometime soon!

  7. MN_Smurf's Avatar
    Nice to see you back around, D.....