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06-14-2006, 03:05 PM
This morning I woke up thinking about riding. I had a one hour meeting 45 minutes away and that would give me 1 1/2 hours of enjoying one of my favorite pastimes. By the time I looked outside, riding was firmly planted in my mind. Yuck, rain. A glance at the radar confirmed widespread intermittent showers. No thunderstorms though and there was little chance of me melting...

So my thoughts turned to gear. I have a new helmet (KBC Force RR) that I need to find out whether it 'fogs' in rain or not ,so that was a given. Some helmets fog terribly and the face shield must be 'cracked' to keep the shield clear. The problem with this is raindrops then get on the inside of the shield, long after the rain quits you have these drops which take forever to dry. Before I set off on a week long trip I want to know how this helmet does...

Next is jacket and pants. For heavy all day rain I have a motoport one piece rainsuit that is 'almost' completely waterproof. For all day intermittent (you know the kind where if you want the rain to stop and it get real hot, you just pull over and put on your rain gear, and if you want more rain... just take the gear off again) rain, I really like my Aerostich Roadcrafter. It's good for about 3 hours of rain... then it leaks at the crotch and I look like an Iron Butt'er who just decided to pee in his pants rather than loose 5 minutes stopping... I decided on my First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket and to just bring along my frog togg bottoms in case it became a frog strangler and go with my double layered Carharrt jeans.

Gloves. I have an absurd number of pairs of gloves including 'waterproof' gloves that last a couple of hours before leaking, goretex gloves that feel 'lumpy' and XXL rubber overgloves from aerostich that are always in my tankbags (I really like some of my black leather gloves that make my hands semi-permanently black when they get wet)... One day I'll get a pair of those Aerostich lobster claw overgloves but this morning I decide on a pair of light leather gloves with another spare pair for the ride back if these get soaked.

Boots. I have totes type overboots for the all day ride along with Sidi goretex boots. I decide on my non-goretex Sidi City's, good for at least one hour before soak thru...

Accesories. I find the Aerostich VeeWipes http://www.aerostich.com/catalog/US/Aerostich-VeeWipe-Squeegee-p-16506.html to be very handy for keeping my shield wiped. I've also used Rain-X but don't much care for the film left on my shield. If it was all day heavy I would probably use the Rain-X. The veewipes I cut in half and slide on my left hand index finger. They fall off every once in a while so I carry a few when I tour, but they are great to clear my shield. Different sizes for different gloves.

For me gear (aren't I a gear whore??) also means which bike. In rain I want fairing protection and good rubber. The bikes that give me the most fairing are my PC800 and my VFR800 with Givi shield. The bikes with the best wet surface rubber are my gixxer750, SV650 (Michelin Pilot Powers),my Buell M2 (Metzler Sportec 1) and my VFR800 (Metzler Roadtec Z6). VFR wins again. Now it's time to ride...

06-15-2006, 09:26 AM
Frog Toggs rock, Fog city Hyperoptiks for the visor fog.
The part I don't care for it having ( not really) to close up the vents on the helmet to cut down on the drips and having the spray come in to the chin vents..
For winter, fall, early spring my JR ballistic jacket and pants work pretty well, but are too warm for the rest of the year.
The roadcrafter is on the list of things to get, especially for the other cooler seasons.
I have nik waxed some leather gloves, but for warmer weather I just get wet pruney hands.


06-15-2006, 05:00 PM
I bought my Frog Toggs for back packing; I used them on a sailing trip from Baltimore down to the OBX and an all day wind driven heavy rain finally soaked them thru. So they are not bullet proof... but it does take a pretty big(wet) bullet

I've used the older Fog City's on a Shoei helmet and they worked well. They don't seem necessary on my KBCs, but I usually carry a little container of Cat Crap anti-fog just in case on longer trips.

The roadcrafter is the cat's ass on Spring and Fall rides, but here well S. of the Mason-Dixon it is just too hot in the Summer. I still carry my one piece Motoport rainsuit (as much for addnl early morning warmth as anything-the roadcrafter is NOT cold weather gear) and a Gerber vest just in case. Where the roadcrafter is worth it's weight in gold (and it is pretty heavy) is on again-off again rain.