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05-12-2006, 01:44 PM
I'm opening up a new position on the site, and that’s for an Editor.

Salary: Same range as current staff members.

Position includes the creation and update of our new front page data, articles, and so on. This person should have some tech skills because some of the work will be within the administrative pages. This will be somewhat of a hands on job, but if you can write well, and make the article blurbs on the front page engaging, then I'm sure it won't take much time at all.

Basically, I am running into overload on all the stuff I do here. With design, upgrades, keeping vbulletin up to date, and trying to release cool new features, I am spread a bit thin. So I'd really like to get someone that's excited about this place as I am...

Time: I'd say in total about an hour or two a week. I don’t want stuff to be stagnant on the front page, but the more time you're willing to put in, the better.

Ok, I hope to see some good people applying. I know we've got a great community here, and I'd like to make it even better. Thanks!

Click here for the application (http://www.beginnerbikers.org/forum/modapp.php)
(It says moderator, but that’s not really the case. It's just a good form.)