View Full Version : So I decided on the Suzuki GZ250

04-12-2006, 05:44 AM
as my first bike. I went to a Honda/Yamaha/Kawasaki/Suzuki dealer the other day, and sat on the Rebel, Virago, Ninja, and GZ250. The Suzuki was the only bike that felt comfortable to me. The Kawasaki is too expensive to insure around my area (about 1000 more than the other bikes!), and the Rebel and Virago rubbed into my legs when I turned the handlebars to each side (I'm 5'11). The GZ250 gave me plenty of leg room, and is the least expensive to insure, so it made my choice pretty clear.

So, let's here some good things and some bad things about this choice. What negative aspects will I experience by getting this over say, the Virago? What's the MPG on the GZ250? Any GZ250 owners care to share about their experiences? All info will be appreciated. Thanks!

04-12-2006, 06:04 AM
As one who started out on a GZ, I can't think of a single negative to say about your choice. Not that I'm biased, but I just think it is hard to find a better bike. Cheap to own, cheap and easy to maintain, cheap to operate, cheap to insure.

A couple of things to note. You will benefit from the fat tires on the GZ for your first bike. Much more of a feeling of stability going down the road. You'll have to lean into the bars just a bit more because of the fatter tires, but still, the GZ is very responsive and a nimble bike.

Fuel mileage you can anticipate anywhere from 65-75 mpg, depending on how even handed you are on the throttle.

Keep on top of your maintenance, the most important thing being regular valve inspection and adjustments as needed. You may wish to put some sort of a small windshield on it to help keep the bugs and other stuff at bay, but I would caution not to go too large on the shield as the limited power of the 250 becomes even more limited in strong winds, and the shield just holds it back even more.

I don't see any advantage to be gained vs. the Virago. Maybe a bit more power, and a v-twin sound, but just remember that these are small displacement bikes and no matter which bike you choose they have their limitations.

Good luck with your choice and I hope you enjoy your first bike as much as I did mine! :)